AgroInsecta 23

Save the date: 23 November 2023

Site: Cascina Cabella, via Cascina Cabella 2, Casalnoceto (AL)

AgroInsecta, the event dedicated to the nascent zootechnical insect farming sector, which will be held for the fourth edition, the 23 November 2023 will highlight the connection between the breeding of insects for animal feed and the obtaining of animal proteins, and the biogas sector.
Both sectors share several synergies and collaboration opportunities. Insect feeding can take place using the same matrices that are used for the production of biogas, such as agricultural waste and organic waste. This creates a direct link between the two supply chains, enabling joint management of resources and greater efficiency.
Moreover, the agricultural company that practices insect breeding can benefit from the valorization of both digestates and frass, downstream of production, of biogas and insects respectively.
These byproducts can be used as fertilizers or organic compounds, thus contributing to the sustainability of the entire agricultural system.
From an economic point of view, energy represents one of the most significant cost components in insect breeding and an important key for the optimization and integration with renewable energy sources, such as biogas and photovoltaic. An improvement in the mutual sustainability between biogas and insect farming can allow for greater energy efficiency and a reduction in operating costs.
The circular economy will be one of the central themes of AgroInsecta. We will explore how the combination of biogas and insect farming can support sustainable resource management and waste reduction, thus contributing to the transition towards a circular economy.


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