Program 2019

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26 September 2019

Start hours 9:30

Piero Mattirolo, AgroenergiaWhy AgroInsecta
Francesco Giardina, ColdirettiAgriculture and insects the evolution of a relationship between conflicts and alliances
Lara Maistrello, University of Modena and ReggioInsects: indispensable allies to put into practice
the circular economy
Costanza Jucker, University of MilanBreeding of Acheta domesticus (Common cricket), on alternative substrates coming from waste from the agri-food chain

it's the
Silvia Cappellozza, CREATEApplications in the food sector of the silkwormVideo
Luca Tassoni, ATPr&dEnhancement of by-products of sericulture in the food sector
Ferdinando Baldacchino, ENEAThe sustainability of insect farming for the production of protein flours and new productsVso
Silvia Arnone, ENEALaboratory experimentation for a
bioconversion process of urban wastewater treatment sludge using Hermetia illucens.
David Meo Zilio, CREATE – Animal husbandry and aquacultureUse of insect meal to replace fish or soy meal in poultry feedVideo
Beppe Tresso, BEF BiosystemsBugsFarm modules for widespread and synergistic breeding of insects with biogas plantsVideo
Valeria Paganizza, Food-LawFrom human and animal entomophagy to waste reduction: limits and regulatory spaces in the use of insects and derivativesVideo
Rosemarie Tedeschi, University of TurinAspects of the insect immune system in the fight against diseases in insecticultureVideo
Sara Straffon Diaz, University of TurinEffects of the spatial design of orchards and the surrounding environment on the pollination of beesVideo
Marco Meneguz, University of TurinThe applied circular economy: experience with the fly
soldier (Gnadochaeta illucens)
Simone Belluco, Zooprophylactic Institute of VeniceThe regulatory situation regarding insects in the food sector, feed and zootechnical.Video

End of works (expected) ore 16:30