AgroInsecta documentation 2022

SpeakerTitle (Presentation where available)Registration
Andrea ChiabrandoL'UE e la strategia Farm to ForkVideo
Beppe TressoBusiness networks for the development of a national insect breeding chainVideo
Gabriella FantolinoSustainability in agriculture: the vision of an egg producerVideo
Francesco GalanzinoThe End of Waste chain and insecticultureVideo
Franco MigliettaThe agrovoltaic: produce food and energy in an integrated wayVideo
Luca BarbatoThe conversion of biogas plants into biomethane and their integration with insecticultureVideo
Sara Beauty OddonInsects and research: a ten-year combination for the University of TurinVideo
Maria Cristina Reguzzi Pests on Hermetia illucens farmsVideo
Giuliana D'ImporzanoSMARTFEED project: insects and microalgae from FORSU for sustainable feedVideo
Costanza JuckerBioconversion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste using Hermetia illucens larvaeVideo
Marco MeneguzState of the art of research in the insect breeding sectorVideo
Alice GrassiThe European work of the IPIFF: Novel Food and insect proteins for feed Video
Erminia SezziUse of the protein fraction or live larva in poultry farms and circularization of livestock supply chainsVideo
Jeffery TomberlinThe CEIF research center for environmental sustainability through insecticulture
Yair FecherWhole insect larvae enriched as complete feed for fish farmingvideo
Karol Barragan FonsecaInsects for peace: promoting social transformation and the circular economy with the use of insects for animal feedVideo
Giovanni Sogari The new horizons of Novel FoodVideo
Francesco MogliottiAINF: the Italian Novel Food AssociationVideo