What is AgroInsecta

On 26 September 2019 was born in Tortona (AL), in Piedmont, AgroInsecta, the first Italian event dedicated to useful insects. As the name of the event indicates, insects have always had a very strong link with agriculture and food.

Today, environmental alterations caused by human activity are causing sharp reductions in the numbers of almost all insects, creating negative effects on agricultural production, for example, due to the lack of pollinators.

Moreover, the production of animal proteins through the breeding of beef cattle in ever-increasing numbers risks becoming unsustainable for the environment. Hence the growing attention on the part of European and world organizations to insects as the most efficient source of protein for food purposes, through, for example, the European Novel Food directive, to regulate the use of insects in the food sector.

AgroInsecta is a professional event dedicated to farming and processing technologies, as well as best practices for the breeding of beneficial insects, intended for power supply, to feed, to biological control and pollination.

AgroInsecta was born in close connection with the world of agriculture and energy, with whom it shares a large base of contacts and potential customers.

Biological fight
Insects for biological control of parasites and weeds