Virtual AgroInsecta Documentation 2020

SpeakerTitle and videoPresentation
Thursday 24 September - ore 9:00-13:00
Piero Mattirolo - AgroenergiaWhy AgroInsecta
Valeria Paganizza - Food-LawOfficial controls and insect farmsPaganize
Marco Meneguz - BEF BiosystemsFuture substrates for soldier fly larvae: perspectives and cautions in the use of organic waste.Meneguz
Costanza Jucker - University of MilanRecovery and recovery of organic waste for the production of flour of Hermetia illucensJucker
Ferdinando Baldacchino - ENEAThe conversion efficiency of diets in insect farming: critical issues and solutions (Tenebrio and others)Canopy
Francesco Fiorentini - Biological CareStudy on the breeding of Galleria Mellonella (honey worm) on different substrates.Florentines
Giacomo Zeni - BugsLifeBio-conversion: concrete potential for new agricultural technologiesWomen
Stefano Magnaghi - Italian Cricket FarmQuality and productivity in the Acheta farm - for animal and human nutritionMagnaghi
Gianandrea Guidetti - SanypetTrends and expectations of the protein meal marketGuidetti
Daniele Theodori, Bühler GroupChallenges and solutions in the large-scale production of Black Soldier Fly
Rosemarie Tedeschi, University of TurinEffects of diet on insect immune responses. Prime esperienze with Gnadochaeta illucensGermans
Panel discussion
Friday 25 September - ore 9:00-14:00
Piero Mattirolo - Agroenergia
David deruytter, Inagro, BelgiumInsects and agriculture - a natural synergyDeruytter
Spring Yang | - EVOConsys, ChinaRoad Map of Black Soldier Fly Industry and Its Relationship with the research fieldn.d.
Yuniar Rizky Saraswati, Eawag, IndonesiaLarval processing and marketing of Black Soldier FlyYuniar Rizky Saraswati
Aline Malawey - Nutrition Technologies, MalaysiaArtificial breeding: Potential and challenges for the Black Soldier Fly industryMalawey
Round table: the Asian producers and the global market
Anton Gligorescu - Danish Technological Institute, DenmarkR&D efforts at Danish Technological Institute on optimizing black soldier fly production and creating new symbiosis between the insect and biogas sectors.Gligorescu
Lara Maistrello - University of Modena and Reggio, ItalyOptimization of black soldier fly egg-laying for industrial purposesMaistrello
Bahman Hadjian-Nia - BEF, ItalyComparing Impact Factors in Insect BreedingHadjian-Nia
Constant Motte - Ÿnsect, FranceReinventing the food chain with mealworm farming by providing natural - healthy & sustainable ingredients for everyonen.d.
Yair Fecher, Genufeed, IsraelSimplifying the usage of insects as aquafeedFan
Achille Schiavone - University of Turin, ItalyPotential of insect meal in monogastric animal farm nutrition treatment sludges based on Black Soldier FlySchiavone
Mathieu Chaix-Bar, Weendle, NetherlandsEastern Africa prospect for black soldier fly market: Rwanda as case studyn.d.
Jeff Tomberlin - EVOConsys, USANSF Center and the insect farming industryTomberlin
Euro-American round table